Monday, December 1, 2008

Who would have thunk it?

Well, as most of my readers would know, I work for a company that answers phones for a lot of magazine titles. You would be amazed at the phone calls we get. Most of the calls I answer are standard where is my magazine, I want to buy a gift for someone, or...did you get my payment yet. Occasionally we get phone calls from a secretary for someone who is nationally known and too busy to talk to us common folk who actually have to work for a living. Well tonight was one such night for me.

I got to answer a call from Governor Palin's secretary. It turns out someone has been prank subscribing one of her children to all sorts of magazine subscriptions. Now before you go and say it is abuse of power having her secretary make all the calls to cancel the accounts in all fairness they were being sent to government offices.

I really had no point to this post other than saying I was one person away via phone from a nationally know person for 180 seconds tonight.

Oh, by the way as of 8:38 tonight I am officially an Aunt. I will wait until my sister in-law or brother update their blog before I post anything here. For those of you I actually talk to I will tell you in person later.

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