Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Four down more to go.

Well, almost four, I have final exams for my fourth semester next week. I only have three finals to take as I took one this week already and passed (with flying colors I might add). Next week I have my finals for Microbiology, Phlebotomy, and Nutrition. Of the three I am really worried about the first one, this is the class that if I do not get a C or better can screw up my whole plan.

In the mean time I was officially accepted into the Respiratory program at RVC and will be starting the real classes in the fall. I am super excited, but also scared.

The job hunt has had a few possibilities, I interviewed recently but have not yet heard anything back. I have been calling but unfortunately no one is returning my calls. I hope I get the job, I could really use the income.

Piranhas at the pump

Due to the rising cost of gas and the gas mileage of my jeep I may be trading it in. (Cross your fingers) I am looking at a VW Convertible it is considerably less than what I paid for the jeep and my jeep still has about 2 years left on the warranty so I am hoping to get a little extra cash in my pocket as well as a more fuel efficient fun to drive, riding around with my top down car.