Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So, how have you been?

Life is a funny, funny thing.

In October I had a bout of bronchitis and 2 rounds of antibiotics, the sickness went away. In December, the Monday before my birthday it came back, I went to the walk in clinic and was given an x-ray. "It looks surprisingly clear." more antibiotics and away you go....

Thursday December 9th, my birthday. I get a call but my phone didn't ring so while I am out for a few drinks I notice I have a voice mail. My surprisingly clear lungs are not so clear. I have a density in my right upper lobe. CT scans are in order, in the mean time, here, have some more antibiotics.

My CT scan rules out fluid, what ever is in there is definitely a mass of some sort. I need a PET scan. A PET scan will tell the doctors if what ever is in my lungs has a metabolism. And low and behold it glows in the dark along with one of my lymph nodes. Now it's time to have a biopsy.

Well, it has been 3 weeks since my biopsy and so's not cancer, it's not bacterial, the test for a fungal infection takes 28 days to grow. The latest x-rays and CT scan shows that what used to be a denseness about the size of a quarter is now more like a wispy cloud taking up a great deal of space, the doctors are saying it looks like pneumonia now, but it didn't look like it backin December. So now I am on SUPER antibiotics, the ones that kill off all your natural bacteria.

I am set for another CT scan in just over a week and another trip to UW Madison the second week of March. We will see if they have any clue as to what is going on then.