Thursday, March 26, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

In this first picture we are doing our Divas! shout just before we take the track for the beginning of our first period.This is my intro lap

Here I am shoving the other team's pivot out of my Jammer's way
If you look at this last picture you can see the score.
Too see more pictures please visit Moosie's Flicker the pictures with the Divas start on page 6.

What a Weekend!

First of all I want to say a big thank you to the Fox Cityz Foxz. They hosted a wonderful night of derby action.

There were 4 teams playing Saturday night The Pushy Possie, The Paper Dolls, the Rollergirl Regiment (all 3 from the host league) and the Stateline Divas.

We played in a double header, where the Pushy Possie and the Paper Dolls played each other and we played the Rollergirl Regiment. The first two teams played a 20 minute period then we played. After a 10 or fifteen minute half time, the four teams came back to battle it out once more.

It was really great, the spacing out of the periods helped with keeping us fresh. I won't even pretend to remember the details of the games except to say there were some awesome jammers on all the teams, I have at least two bruises and I spent no time in the penalty box. I remember that the Paper dolls continued their undefeated status and the Divas won a very well matched game. The score was really tight through both periods with a final score 64 to 65. The final Jam was a nail biter we needed 3 points to tie and 4 to win. The Regiment lost their jammer to the penalty box giving us the advantage to get the job done.

As soon as I get pictures I will post a few.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Once again...why must you lie?

Today I walked into work thinking well, I only have 7 weeks left, but at least I know I have 7 weeks of income.

Well, 3 hours into my shift today I was asked to meet the Customer Service Manager in the conference room, along with about 7 of my co-workers. We all walked in to the room and were greeted by a HR representative and basically given a 2 week notice. Ah I love the feeling of being constantly lied to.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sorry I have strayed

Alright everyone, I am very sorry I have not been around in a very long time. It seems as if the first two months of the year have flown by. What with me trying to get all my Derby merchandise and uniforms squared away for our first bout of the season and trying to find a new job, I have literally lost track of what day it is.

Each time I look at a calendar I can't believe it is already March. As I write this I can count that I have 10 days until my team plays the Fox Cityz Foxz. I have 7 weeks left at my job unless I land the one I am interviewing for. In that case I have no idea how long I will have at my current one before starting.

I have 6 weeks before our first home bout and we need our posters, tickets, programs and a whole slew of other items to the printer and out in the public eye way to soon for my comfort. All I have to say is when I put my name on the ballot for the creative director, I was conned. I only put my name up because I was asked nicely. Ugh, if I have any hair left at the end of the season it will be a miracle.