Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bike update

Well, unfortunately, I have no idea what insurance is for. You pay your rate so that if something were to happen you would be covered and able to replace what you had. Well in my case that isn't the way it's going. I am not able to find anything that even compares to my old bike for the amount of money my insurance company is willing to pay me. So as of right now, I am going to be bikeless until I can find something I like for a reasonable price.

Taking it a step at a time

Well, yesterday (Friday 5/15/09) was the one week mark from my accident. There are so many people who can not believe that I have been let out of the hospital so soon. All I can say is if I had had my way I would have been out sooner.

The doctor finally let me free at noon on Tuesday. I was so happy, I kept telling the nurses I had to be out by Tuesday afternoon because I had a book signing to go to in Chicago. I made it and saw Sherrilyn Kenyon for the third time in three years. I just love her books.
Thanks Kalysha for driving.

On Wednesday I had the first of 4 followup doctors appointments, this one was with the orthopedic he checked out my knee, heel, shoulder and fingers. We are going to let the swelling go down and see how everything works next week before he decides on MRIs or not. The stitches he decided to leave in my finger for a bit longer and I go back to see him in a week.
On Thursday I saw the optometrist and the plastic surgeon about my eye and face. I broke my left orbital bone (eye socket). My eye is fine, all the muscles work, with my glasses on I have 20/20 in both eyes, the only damage is a small bruise in my eyeball. The plastic surgeon said everything is where it is supposed to be and I still have feeling in my cheek so that's all good. He then had his med student take the stitches out of my face and said unless I have any questions he didn't need to see me again.
My next 2 appointments are both on Wednesday one is with the doctor who attended me while I was in the hospital and the other is with the ortho again.

On Friday I had to take my bike to the doctor, apparently my insurance company wants an estimate on how much it will cost to repair the bike. The shop had to lift the bike off the trailer with a forklift and strap it to a dolly in order to move it into the shop. On a happy note, I found a new patch I am going to sew onto my riding vest, it says "Crashing Sucks"

Live from a hospital near me

Hello friends, family, and perfect strangers. I am proud to announce that yes, I am indeed blogging live from a local hospital. This weekend has been one heck of a ride. It started out nice enough, I got on my bike Friday afternoon and headed north to run a few errands. It was beautiful out and I wanted to save gas by taking the bike.

I got about 12 miles away from home when an older gentleman pulled up to a stop sign, stopped, then proceeded to turn left...right in front of me.

Yes I was wearing my helmet, and no I was not speeding. I had the right away and he had a stop sign. He stopped, then thinking the road was clear, turned.

I do not remember all of the events during the crash, I know I saw it coming and knew I would not be able to avoid it. I laid about 20 to 25 feet of rubber in a straight skid mark.
If you look in the above picture you can see the stop sign on the right. I hit the truck right in front of the rear driver side wheel. There was no way I could have avoided him. He was driving a huge farm truck. I was not thrown and I remember rolling onto my side and hitting the cut engine on my bike after impact. Then I was surrounded by people. Luckily this corner has 2 houses on it and there were other people out. Usually this intersection is pretty dead.

I was transported by ambulance to the hospital and have been there ever since. At least I am no longer on a liquid diet and I am allowed to get out of bed and walk around.

May is motorcycle awareness month, I know I will not be able to ride, or skate for a while, though this accident will not keep me from riding again. Please, please, watch the road not only for motorcycles, but also for pedestrians and bicycles, we are everywhere. I was lucky, I came out of this looking like I got into a bar fight, I was one of at least 4 motorcycle accidents this weekend two of them were fatal. I know mine could have been avoided if the other guy had truly been watching the road, another was motorcycle vs. deer, he lived as well, he was two rooms down from me all weekend. the other two were reported on the news.

for more pictures of my bike and the accident scene the next day click here.

Just another step

Well, I am now down to seeing just one doctor. Dr. M who attended me at the hospital looked me over, asked me if I have had any stomach pains or any other troubles, I told him nope. Gave him the updates from the eye doctor, plastic surgeon, and the ortho. He said great, and that he still believes the bruise they saw on the CT scan was a false alarm but because of the seriousness of my accident it was better to err on the side of caution. He advised me that if I wanted to be sure everything inside me is properly healed to wait at least 3 months before I resume my normal physical activity. So if it was only my insides I could be back to full hitting and skating in Aug. But because I am still having knee issues, it is going to be longer.

I also went to see the ortho this afternoon. I now am stitch free, though my finger really looks mangled. It will probably look better after all of the scabs have had a chance to fall off. In the mean time I am still wearing a splint because of the break.

Dr. A also checked out my knee, I do not feel it is stable, it keeps wanting to give out and hyper extending. So I am having an MRI done on Friday. My shoulder is still giving me some troubles but because I can lift my arms above my head I'm good for now. We didn't get a chance to discuss my heel. I will see how that feels for my next appointment.

I request a do over for May

I would like to hit the reset button for the whole month of May. I have no idea why it has happened but this whole month has been one bad situation after another. Sure it had a few bright points, but this past week capped it all off.

Most of you know that I crashed my bike on the 8th. Well this past week Jake and I made a trip to Ft Wayne/New Haven to see my parents and extended family. It was more to reassure everyone that I was ok and that no one needed to make any unnecessary trips to Illinois any time soon.

We left Sunday morning and had a fairly smooth trip, Jake even found the shirt I have been wanting to get since the accident for me. He found it at a truck stop, and it was even on sale. The first pic is what is written on the left breast of the shirt and the second pic is of the back of the shirt.We got there around 2ish and spent some time with my parents and grandparents before heading over to my aunt and uncle's to stay. They live in the country and have a few Amish families for neighbors. This was the view from our bedroom window.So far seems pretty nice doesn't it? Well on Monday our truck was backed into. Tuesday we got a nail in one of our tires. The jack that came with the truck is a scissor jack and is not tall enough, the base is real small and so the slightest bump can cause the truck to fall off it. Trust us, it happened not once, but twice.

Wednesday was really good.I spent the day with my mother and Jake spent it with my dad before we got together with most of my dad's family to celebrate my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary.

Thursday we headed home. We got home and went to derby practice so Jake and I could get the roster for the team we will be line coaching on Saturday. During practice Jake twisted his knee pretty badly and we took him to the immediate care today, Friday. He is now on crutches and has to go see our primary doctor in 3 days if he is still having trouble.

So if it is in anyone's capability, please...give me a do over, I think I deserve it.

Why do the sucky parts last forever?

Life is short, so play hard. The only part is that when you hit a speed bump in life it seems to take forever to get over it. Jake and I have been home for a week now and we have been on the go ever since.
I think Sunday is the only day we actually got to stay home all day. We had doctor appointments on Monday. I have a torn ACL and LCL and am now wearing a knee brace and I'm going to start physical therapy. I have to wear the splint on my finger until Monday. My hand and shoulder are still aching and it is hard for me to grip and hold with my left hand.

Tuesday we spent the day with a Veterans Administration representative getting Jake registered in IL. Jake then went to practice and I headed to Naperville to meet another author. Kim Harrison.
Today, Wednesday, Jake finally got to see an ortho and has an MRI scheduled. Each doctor he has seen has told him something different, one says miniscus, one says LCL, and the ortho thinks ACL. Lets hope the MRI sets everyone straight and all he needs is therapy and a brace like me.

Tomorrow we get to take the truck up to have the front end damage looked at and get an estimate, then practice for me and an ALR meeting for Jake.

Friday it's Jake's MRI. All this time I am trying to look for a job and be his chaufer because it's his right knee and he can't drive.

The saddest part is it is only Wednesday and I feel like it should already be Friday.

Le' Sigh

Well, because we are not able to find a bike that I like or one that even comes close to what we had for the price the insurance is going to give us, we are taking the check and applying it to bills. I am also going to be getting my own lap-top.

Once we get the settlement from the lawyer I hope to have enough money so that we will be debt free, a new motorcycle for me and a down payment on a house. Now obviously that will take a while because court cases do not go as quickly as we like, unless the decision is against us that is.

As of 7/6 I have not yet found a new job, but received a call from my former employer, you know the one that is moving to Florida? Well, they are hiring back some employees to help with the busy mail season, and I was called. So Monday I will be starting back part time, no benefits at all, except for a paycheck, which will probably be more than what I am making on unemployment. (but not much more) At lest this will get me out of the house and away from Jake before we kill each other.


Well yesterday was gloomy, rainy, filled with trips to the local clinic, and both good and bad news.

I had a physical therapy session at 12:30 and Jake had his ortho appointment at 1:30. The Ortho has finally decided he can bend his knee enough to see the surgeon (good news) so he will do that next week. I had an occupational therapy session for my hand at 4 so we drove home to check the mail. When we still did not have our insurance check we called the insurance company. Well our adjustor had told us Monday that the check had been mailed last Friday, he was wrong. According to customer service our check did not mail until the 7th (bad news), Tuesday. So the money we were expecting to go to the Dells on never showed up and we had to cancel our trip.

Well we now have to spend the rest of this weekend staying at home, using as little gas as possible so I can start my part time job on Monday, or until our money finally shows up.

Sorry I have been away

Well, I am sorry it took so long to return to you, We got the results on Jake's MRI. He has ruptured his ACL and torn his meniscus. The verdict is he will have to have surgery to replace the ACL. The good news though is the knee he injured is the knee he was rated for with the military and we go to the VA clinic this week. Hopefully the VA will pick him up and do the surgery.

I am just getting ready to start my 3rd week of physical therapy and was doing pretty good until this last week, they had me doing a stretch that was hurting too much so they had me stop it. My knee is still unstable but getting better and I go back to my ortho on July 1st.

We have also been arguing with our insurance over the price they are willing to pay us for my bike and what we can buy to replace it with the money the company wants to give us. We have been to so many dealers online and looking for private sales as well with no luck. So yesterday we drove to 3 different shops and found a 94 fatboy, (the picture is not the bike I am looking at but the same year, make and model) it is not my dream bike, but very close. If we can work the deal it could be mine. We just have to try and get the price down a little more.

A Moment in the

Cracker Barrel

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A moment in the life of me...

Duchess Jane has a regularly occurring theme entitled 'Weather Report' and I thought it was such a fun idea. I now find myself thinking along the same lines, only I didn't want to use her phrasing so I present to you, "A moment in the life of me..."
Little Bistro, Beloit, Wisconsin.

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Will wireless wonders never cease

Ladies and gentlemen, my I present to you, my new toy...