Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sorry I have been away

Well, I am sorry it took so long to return to you, We got the results on Jake's MRI. He has ruptured his ACL and torn his meniscus. The verdict is he will have to have surgery to replace the ACL. The good news though is the knee he injured is the knee he was rated for with the military and we go to the VA clinic this week. Hopefully the VA will pick him up and do the surgery.

I am just getting ready to start my 3rd week of physical therapy and was doing pretty good until this last week, they had me doing a stretch that was hurting too much so they had me stop it. My knee is still unstable but getting better and I go back to my ortho on July 1st.

We have also been arguing with our insurance over the price they are willing to pay us for my bike and what we can buy to replace it with the money the company wants to give us. We have been to so many dealers online and looking for private sales as well with no luck. So yesterday we drove to 3 different shops and found a 94 fatboy, (the picture is not the bike I am looking at but the same year, make and model) it is not my dream bike, but very close. If we can work the deal it could be mine. We just have to try and get the price down a little more.

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