Sunday, July 19, 2009

I request a do over for May

I would like to hit the reset button for the whole month of May. I have no idea why it has happened but this whole month has been one bad situation after another. Sure it had a few bright points, but this past week capped it all off.

Most of you know that I crashed my bike on the 8th. Well this past week Jake and I made a trip to Ft Wayne/New Haven to see my parents and extended family. It was more to reassure everyone that I was ok and that no one needed to make any unnecessary trips to Illinois any time soon.

We left Sunday morning and had a fairly smooth trip, Jake even found the shirt I have been wanting to get since the accident for me. He found it at a truck stop, and it was even on sale. The first pic is what is written on the left breast of the shirt and the second pic is of the back of the shirt.We got there around 2ish and spent some time with my parents and grandparents before heading over to my aunt and uncle's to stay. They live in the country and have a few Amish families for neighbors. This was the view from our bedroom window.So far seems pretty nice doesn't it? Well on Monday our truck was backed into. Tuesday we got a nail in one of our tires. The jack that came with the truck is a scissor jack and is not tall enough, the base is real small and so the slightest bump can cause the truck to fall off it. Trust us, it happened not once, but twice.

Wednesday was really good.I spent the day with my mother and Jake spent it with my dad before we got together with most of my dad's family to celebrate my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary.

Thursday we headed home. We got home and went to derby practice so Jake and I could get the roster for the team we will be line coaching on Saturday. During practice Jake twisted his knee pretty badly and we took him to the immediate care today, Friday. He is now on crutches and has to go see our primary doctor in 3 days if he is still having trouble.

So if it is in anyone's capability, please...give me a do over, I think I deserve it.

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