Sunday, July 19, 2009

Taking it a step at a time

Well, yesterday (Friday 5/15/09) was the one week mark from my accident. There are so many people who can not believe that I have been let out of the hospital so soon. All I can say is if I had had my way I would have been out sooner.

The doctor finally let me free at noon on Tuesday. I was so happy, I kept telling the nurses I had to be out by Tuesday afternoon because I had a book signing to go to in Chicago. I made it and saw Sherrilyn Kenyon for the third time in three years. I just love her books.
Thanks Kalysha for driving.

On Wednesday I had the first of 4 followup doctors appointments, this one was with the orthopedic he checked out my knee, heel, shoulder and fingers. We are going to let the swelling go down and see how everything works next week before he decides on MRIs or not. The stitches he decided to leave in my finger for a bit longer and I go back to see him in a week.
On Thursday I saw the optometrist and the plastic surgeon about my eye and face. I broke my left orbital bone (eye socket). My eye is fine, all the muscles work, with my glasses on I have 20/20 in both eyes, the only damage is a small bruise in my eyeball. The plastic surgeon said everything is where it is supposed to be and I still have feeling in my cheek so that's all good. He then had his med student take the stitches out of my face and said unless I have any questions he didn't need to see me again.
My next 2 appointments are both on Wednesday one is with the doctor who attended me while I was in the hospital and the other is with the ortho again.

On Friday I had to take my bike to the doctor, apparently my insurance company wants an estimate on how much it will cost to repair the bike. The shop had to lift the bike off the trailer with a forklift and strap it to a dolly in order to move it into the shop. On a happy note, I found a new patch I am going to sew onto my riding vest, it says "Crashing Sucks"

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