Sunday, July 19, 2009


Well yesterday was gloomy, rainy, filled with trips to the local clinic, and both good and bad news.

I had a physical therapy session at 12:30 and Jake had his ortho appointment at 1:30. The Ortho has finally decided he can bend his knee enough to see the surgeon (good news) so he will do that next week. I had an occupational therapy session for my hand at 4 so we drove home to check the mail. When we still did not have our insurance check we called the insurance company. Well our adjustor had told us Monday that the check had been mailed last Friday, he was wrong. According to customer service our check did not mail until the 7th (bad news), Tuesday. So the money we were expecting to go to the Dells on never showed up and we had to cancel our trip.

Well we now have to spend the rest of this weekend staying at home, using as little gas as possible so I can start my part time job on Monday, or until our money finally shows up.

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