Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just another step

Well, I am now down to seeing just one doctor. Dr. M who attended me at the hospital looked me over, asked me if I have had any stomach pains or any other troubles, I told him nope. Gave him the updates from the eye doctor, plastic surgeon, and the ortho. He said great, and that he still believes the bruise they saw on the CT scan was a false alarm but because of the seriousness of my accident it was better to err on the side of caution. He advised me that if I wanted to be sure everything inside me is properly healed to wait at least 3 months before I resume my normal physical activity. So if it was only my insides I could be back to full hitting and skating in Aug. But because I am still having knee issues, it is going to be longer.

I also went to see the ortho this afternoon. I now am stitch free, though my finger really looks mangled. It will probably look better after all of the scabs have had a chance to fall off. In the mean time I am still wearing a splint because of the break.

Dr. A also checked out my knee, I do not feel it is stable, it keeps wanting to give out and hyper extending. So I am having an MRI done on Friday. My shoulder is still giving me some troubles but because I can lift my arms above my head I'm good for now. We didn't get a chance to discuss my heel. I will see how that feels for my next appointment.

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