Sunday, July 19, 2009

Live from a hospital near me

Hello friends, family, and perfect strangers. I am proud to announce that yes, I am indeed blogging live from a local hospital. This weekend has been one heck of a ride. It started out nice enough, I got on my bike Friday afternoon and headed north to run a few errands. It was beautiful out and I wanted to save gas by taking the bike.

I got about 12 miles away from home when an older gentleman pulled up to a stop sign, stopped, then proceeded to turn left...right in front of me.

Yes I was wearing my helmet, and no I was not speeding. I had the right away and he had a stop sign. He stopped, then thinking the road was clear, turned.

I do not remember all of the events during the crash, I know I saw it coming and knew I would not be able to avoid it. I laid about 20 to 25 feet of rubber in a straight skid mark.
If you look in the above picture you can see the stop sign on the right. I hit the truck right in front of the rear driver side wheel. There was no way I could have avoided him. He was driving a huge farm truck. I was not thrown and I remember rolling onto my side and hitting the cut engine on my bike after impact. Then I was surrounded by people. Luckily this corner has 2 houses on it and there were other people out. Usually this intersection is pretty dead.

I was transported by ambulance to the hospital and have been there ever since. At least I am no longer on a liquid diet and I am allowed to get out of bed and walk around.

May is motorcycle awareness month, I know I will not be able to ride, or skate for a while, though this accident will not keep me from riding again. Please, please, watch the road not only for motorcycles, but also for pedestrians and bicycles, we are everywhere. I was lucky, I came out of this looking like I got into a bar fight, I was one of at least 4 motorcycle accidents this weekend two of them were fatal. I know mine could have been avoided if the other guy had truly been watching the road, another was motorcycle vs. deer, he lived as well, he was two rooms down from me all weekend. the other two were reported on the news.

for more pictures of my bike and the accident scene the next day click here.

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