Sunday, July 19, 2009

Le' Sigh

Well, because we are not able to find a bike that I like or one that even comes close to what we had for the price the insurance is going to give us, we are taking the check and applying it to bills. I am also going to be getting my own lap-top.

Once we get the settlement from the lawyer I hope to have enough money so that we will be debt free, a new motorcycle for me and a down payment on a house. Now obviously that will take a while because court cases do not go as quickly as we like, unless the decision is against us that is.

As of 7/6 I have not yet found a new job, but received a call from my former employer, you know the one that is moving to Florida? Well, they are hiring back some employees to help with the busy mail season, and I was called. So Monday I will be starting back part time, no benefits at all, except for a paycheck, which will probably be more than what I am making on unemployment. (but not much more) At lest this will get me out of the house and away from Jake before we kill each other.

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