Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cabin Fever

I feel as if I have been stuck in the house for too long. Oh, sure I have gone to work and to the store, but I haven't seen any of my friends in over a week, and we haven't had practice since either the 12th or 15th, it has been so long, I can't even remember. I am feeling trapped. The good news is though that my kitchen counter is no longer a catch all, at least for the next few weeks. Now I have to work on the living room.

On another note, I have slowly been upgrading my wardrobe (if you can call a closet full of t-shirts a wardrobe). I decided that if I am applying to all of these office type positions I had better start dressing the part. I really hate clothes shopping. I can never find what I like in a cut that looks good on me. The hardest part about starting to dress grown up is I am going to have to learn how to do my hair, and make up. I haven't worn make up in so long, the only make up I have really ever worn was eye liner and mascara.

Anyone want to teach a tomboy how to apply make up?

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Jenny said...

Actually Jazz is really good at it, You should ask her.