Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Not Surprised, but still disapointed

Yesterday the Governor of Illinois was arrested for trying to auction off a senate seat to the highest bidder. While I am not surprised that he is corrupt it saddens me that the main reason I am so mad at him is that he let one of my friends down.

For the last few months My friend and I have had a difference of opinion about how the Gov was handling a budget crisis. He chose to close several state parks around the state, including 2 just down the road. What he failed to realize is that while some parks he was closing were not making money others were in fact pulling in a profit. I could see the good business practice of closing a park that could not support itself but closing something that was making money just didn't sit right with me. Yes I know it was a political play to get a budget approved by closing parks in one specific area, the area of the party you were fighting against, but come on. There are other areas that could have been cut. Say for instance the money spent flying back and forth to Chicago from Springfield, and how many planes was it reported were at the Governor's beck and call?

No, my friends, I am not sad because yet another Illinois Governor has been arrested what saddens me the most is how he has made my friend feel.

Shame on you Mr. Blagojevich.