Sunday, December 14, 2008

Too much to do, too little time.

Isn't that always the case? First off it didn't help that I spent over an hour and a half at Wal-Mart waiting for a prescription refill, that I was told would only take a half hour. I will say I was able to get all of my Christmas cards addressed, and about half of them stamped before I ran out of postage. I also got one package packed, addressed and sealed All that's left is to take it to the post office on Monday.

Yesterday we had 3 parties we were invited to attend, and of course all of them started at the same time and were in 3 different towns. So we opted to go to the party we had already paid for. Jake's shift party is always fun. We had a great dinner and got to watch lots of drunken karaoke before someone walked into the stand holding the monitor causing the small (thank goodness) T.V. to fall to the ground. Luckily the D.J. wasn't too upset and continued to play dance music the rest of the night.

To day is another day of laundry and dishes. With only two of us and the fact we hardly ever are at home to eat a meal it is pointless to do dishes every day so we end up doing them when we run out of clean ones.

Then I also have to run to the store for food for the week. Yeah the day is already half over and here I sit in my p.j.s blogging. ☺

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Jenny said...

It's been too cold to do anything otherwise. LOL!