Monday, January 26, 2009

Darling, you look marvelous

After driving home late Friday night from our bout my Diva team mates and I got up early to make an eleven o'clock photo shoot with a local Photographer Tim Speer. He had a slasher/hack 'em up idea running through his head that he wanted to give a derby twist to. He called the Divas. So we all got dressed up and met him in an old factory.

The lighting and set up took up a lot of time but we had a blast talking and watching everything he did. Once he finishes with his touch ups and piecing together multiple pictures to form one complete view I will post an update. In the mean time here is an out-take shot during the light check.

Now those of you who know me. know that I am a big girl. I hate having my picture taken but thought this would be fun. I have also wanted to get a few derbyish pictures taken so that I could send them to my family members to show them how much fun I am having and how being a derby girl has complimented my personality. Well after the gory shoot Tim took the time out of his busy schedule to take a few individual shots for any of the girls who wanted them. I took advantage of the opportunity. All I can say is when I saw the shots just on his camera I almost cried. I have never seen myself as beautiful, but with the lighting and Tim's artful eye I saw myself as a strong, beautiful women this weekend. Once again, As soon as I have the finished product I will be sharing them with you.

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Jenny said...

It was quite the weekend wasn't it.