Monday, January 12, 2009

A letter

Dear Mr President and President Elect,

I have read recently on MSNBC News that you are asking congress to release the reaming $350 billion for the bail out. While I have no qualms about releasing money to help the economy my question is, why are you giving the money to the lenders? They will only pass it out to people who will be unable to pay it back because they have lost their jobs.

Why not instead give it to the people who borrowed the money in the first place. If you were to do that the money would still get to the lenders. The tax payers who borrowed the money would use it to pay off their loans, thus giving it back to the banks. The money that is not used to pay off the debit would then be used to...oh my word, buy products, thus stimulating the economy.

So please, before you go handing out the money we were required to pay in taxes, please consider where the real help is needed. The banks would not be in the position they are in now if the working Americans had the money to pay off their loans.

A soon to be out of a job tax payer.

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