Sunday, August 17, 2008

Where did it go?

Where oh where did my weekend go? Oh where or where could it be?

Wow, time went by way to quickly this weekend. We went down to the Quad Cities for a surprise birthday party that turned out to not be a surprise, and not a party. Instead the birthday girl, her husband, myself and Jake ended up going out to a great little place down on the river (Mississippi for those who don't know about the QC). While we were walking to the entrance we had to walk by the patio area. A couple of waiters were out lighting the tiki torches. One of the torches shot part of it's flaming wick into the landscaping off the patio. The waiters attempted to put it out with water, silly men, oil and water do not mix so it did not put out the small fire. Like the responsible person I am, I walked back to the small flame and stepped on it to extinguish it. The waiters thanked me and said "You didn't have to do that." They were going to walk around and get it. It was no big deal, it is really what any normal person should have done.

So we go in the front door and request a patio seat. Our table overlooked the river and the baseball stadium, I was called "our volunteer firefighter all night by a very friendly waiter. We ordered the cheapest thing on the menu, sat back and talked. At the end of our meal the baseball game finished and we had front row seats for the fireworks. Our Waiter, Tim brought out our check and said, "I took 15% off of your order as thanks for putting out the fire." Wow, thanks! Then my girlfriend mentions it's her birthday. Tim promptly picks up both checks and later returns giving both couples 15% off the entire bill. Tim was great! He even gave us coupons for our next visit. Not only was the service the best I have had in a very long time, the food was most excellent. Jacob got the river burger with a south west twist, it had pepper jack cheese, green chillies and chipolte mayo. I had the blues burger, it was stuffed with blue cheese. We each cut our sandwich in half and shared. All I can say is yum!

Next we walked down to the Rhythm City riverboat casino, we each lost $3.00 on the nickel machines. (I know, slots are not where you go to win, but we were only willing to play $3.00 each and the tables had minimum $5.00 and up bets) Once we had lost our money we walked back to the restaurant, which shared a building with a comedy club. This was my first experience with this type of club and all I can think of was it was such a waste of money. The waiter took our drink order, then came back about 20 minutes later, dumped our order on top of a lady sitting in front of us then took another 15 minutes to return. And the comedians weren't that great either. I just hope that if, in the future, when we attend another comedy club, it is better, heck, it couldn't get any worse.

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Jenny said...

Sounds like a great weekend.