Sunday, August 31, 2008

Romping in Iowa

(I am so proud of myself, I took 2 photos and one graphic to create what you see above.)

Saturday was a day full of events, do it yourself tours of the local area along with guided tours to local attractions. We had originally planed to make the trip to Freedom Rock. This is a huge boulder out in the middle of Iowa that is painted every year. When we looked at the directions to this site the miles added up to about 60. Right before the tour group set off we were told it was over 100 miles one way. In all honesty we did not want to put in another 200 miles on Saturday so we skipped the trip and went to the Harley dealer in Ames then came back to the romp host town for a little R and R. This was after all our vacation. Jake, Bret and Kathy headed to the hotel for a nap and I headed to the local library to try and log in. The library was closed so I posted from the hotel next door.

At 4 the people games started at the romp grounds. There was a corn shucking contest and trike games. Jake and I both competed in the trike games and each of us came in second in our own heats, only the first place person advanced to the next level.
It turned out to be nice that we stuck around close by. The tour to Freedom Rock left at 9:00 and didn't get back until around 5:00. We live close enough to catch the rock at a later date when we aren't tired from a long ride and a night of fun.

The dinner was very tasty and very much a representation of Iowa. Smoked pork tenderloin served with corn on the cob.

Well, that's all for now, stay tuned for more.

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