Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's a small world after all

Well, this was a long weekend and I had so much fun I am gonna post it as a few short snips.

Friday evening we registered at the event and start walking around. You know the normal thing you would do at any event where people are all apart of a club, organization, or have a single thing that binds them together, be it scrap-booking, roller derby, political affiliations, or motorcycles.

We talked to people from Alabama, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, and even Connecticut and Ohio. There were American Legion Riders from all over. Well one thing lead to another and our friend Bret met a gentleman from Ohio. I don't know what started their line of mutual questions but it turned out their extended families were from the same two towns in Kentucky. They started naming off families and acquaintances. Then Tank says, "My father has family with that last name too, let me call mom and ask about his family."

Well, after about a 10 minute call to his mom we find out that Tank and Brett share a few great aunts and uncles.

Can you imagine traveling to a different state to attend a convention only to meet a family you never knew you had?
My friend Bret is the taller of the two, and the rider on your right is Tank, the long lost cousin.

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