Saturday, August 30, 2008

How bout that view

Well today is day two of my Romp in the Midwest. We left yesterday, Friday. We drove over the metal grate bridge that links Savannah IL to Sabula IA. This bridge is fine to drive over in a car, you have four wheels and you can't really look down. On a bike I was tense. I had never driven over it myself, only on the back of the bike, never looking down. Because it is a grated metal bridge it tends to grab your tire and change your direction a bit. I was doing good, looking straight ahead, keeping a firm grip on the handle bars going pretty straight, then about 3/4Th's the way across we come to a stop light...on the bridge. NO! my mind screams as we stop and I try not to look down. Let me tell you I was glad when the light turned green. It is a bit unnerving to look below and see the only thing between you and the mighty Mississippi is basically a catwalk big enough to drive your car over.

Well, I am posting from the hotel next door's computer so I had better cut this short before they realize that my hotel sent me over here and I am not putting any money into their pockets. Will update more at a later date. But so far the trip has been fun.

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