Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

I will be the first to admit I do not follow politics. Even in this very heated election, I know each candidate has good points and each candidate has bad points. I honestly don't know who I should believe. I am not going to say who I voted for because I have close friends and family on both sides of the line. I don't want to have to explain my choice or defend my decision. All I can say whom ever wins tonight, I hope we as a country have made the right decision based on what we need to rise out of the economic pit we have slid into.

I hope we have not made our decisions based on stage appeal, or pretty words. I just hope we all remember that both men who are running are politicians, and I have met a few politicians and can honestly say there is only one of them I would trust to do what he has promised (and he isn't on the presidential ballot).

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