Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rocky Horror Picture Show + Geek Convention = fun for all

This past weekend was like all of my weekends lately. Jam packed with events. I got off work at 7:30 Friday night and headed home to get dressed up for the Rocky Horror Picture Show. One of the local community colleges in the area was having a midnight showing. Thanks Tally for texting me. I had a great time going out with you. The best part was now if Jake and I ever go to a show in Chicago I won't have to place a giant 'V' on my forehead.

Then Saturday I got up, got dressed as DD Hunter, in my derby uniform and headed to the Indoor Sports Center.

One of my Diva Teammates, Bombadee, and her husband, Crabby Dan, have created a board game based on roller derby. They titled it 'Roller Derby Mayhem.' We have spent many a night test playing the game debating over rules, penalties, and other small details. I am very honored to have been able to provide my two cents in the creation of this game. Including providing Dan with the catch phrase of "All the action and strategy, none of the bruises." which he shortened to: "Roller Derby Mayhem, All of the action, None of the Bruises."

We played the game at Rock-Con from 2pm to 6pm. It was great, the first group of players were roller derby fans from out of town, they already knew all the basic derby rules so the game was really intense. We ended up calling the game off with a score of 0/0.

After that first jam the 3 gentlemen left and were replaced by more gamers. One of who stayed until 6pm when we had to turn our table over to a new game. We had a blast and were attracting spectators with our shouting "Hit her" and "Come on 1!" after we were done and had left for the evening Dan stayed to play other games. He came home and informed us one of the players who stayed a while was going around showing off the t-shirt we gave away, which he had won. All in all I think our game was a big hit and I hope the people who have first refusal decide to market it. I know I would be buying it for my home.

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