Friday, October 17, 2008

But baby it's cold outside.

Well last night was the first night we made it to the freezing mark. Yup, that's right folks our low temp last night got to 32 degrees. Last weekend while Jake was at work I headed out to get the plastic shrink wrap for our windows. This will be the first year in our current house where we put the stuff up. We are totally going for the energy saving winter. Last year we did pretty good, we kept the thermostat at 65 and used space heaters for the rooms we occupied the most.

The Incredible Duke he may not be, but he sure can shrink wrap a window.

This morning we headed out to the tree stand and froze our bottoms off. We saw four does, but they did not come with in bow range. If it had been shotgun season we would have had at least one deer for the freezer.

Tomorrow we will be heading out again, though it will be another short day as we have plans with the American Legion and have to help our buddy set up. Then Sunday it is supposed to hit 68, we will try our luck once more. We have seen more deer this year than last, but haven't had the shots, hopefully we can get something this weekend.


Anonymous said...


We put up the plastic window stuff last winter - I was AMAZED by how much of a difference it made.

Good luck!

james and nicole thompson said...

back in Ohio, my mom used to shrink wrap our windows too! and she keeps the thermostat that low too. my poor little step dad freezes his arse off! oh, i'm so glad i live in AZ...we just started to leave our windows open at night.