Sunday, October 19, 2008

Only 10 more weekends in 2008

Wow, when I thought up what the title for this post would be I didn't think we were so close to 2009. I just didn't want something cheesy like 'Another one bites the dust.'

This weekend was a long one for me, but it didn't seem like it. I took Thursday off to job hunt and Friday off to Deer hunt. So Friday and Saturday Jake and I got up before dawn and drove out to his mother's property and sat in a tree stand. We didn't freeze, but it wasn't exactly warm either. We would have gone out this morning as well but it was too windy. Here is a picture of Jake aiming at an imaginary deer. We saw plenty of does and one spike, but none would come into range. That is one of the hardest things I am finding about archery, unlike shotgun, you have to have the animal close enough so there is nothing between you and them but air.

Today I took a drive up to Beloit to meet
Keisha Rass Goodbye (say it really fast) to discuss what we are doing for the skating rink on Halloween. We wanted to have an idea of what the owner would like us to do before we show up. While up there I stopped and took a few river shots. This is the drive I get to see twice a week. Just another reason I left the desert.

After I shot my photos I headed back to Forreston where Jake, Kathy and Bret were busy in Bret's workshop making display stands for a local fur company. It is a major project. Bret has to have 30 display stands built and shipped to Indiana by Nov 1st. Gander Mountain, a small outdoor hunting/fishing chain contracted the local fur company to sell pelts in all their stores. The company contracted Bret to build all the stands. So if in the next few months you happen to be in a Gander Mountain look for a wooden display holding fur pelts. On the bottom rung you will see a small brand, "Handcrafted by Bret Schemel, Forreston, IL" Jake helped to build those.

In the first picture you can see how much saw dust was in the air, I took that without the flash. The one I took, with the flash you couldn't even see Jake or Bret due to all the motes of dust my camera focused on.

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