Friday, October 10, 2008

Why am I so surprised?

Back in July wrote Job security, is it a thing of the past? Well apparently I was right.

Back then our new manager promised us, "I have been given the go ahead to hire ten people a month to get our numbers up. We are not going anywhere. The company already owns the buildings and property here in Illinois, it is more cost effective to keep us open. Right now they are renting property in Florida."

Well when I drove into the parking lot today I saw one woman outside on her cell phone, I could tell she was crying, she would blot her eyes on the hem of her shirt. At first I didn't think anything of it, people get bad calls while they are at work. When I walk in to the building the switchboard operator tells me it's over. They are going to be closing and moving everything to Florida. Depending on what department you are in you could have anywhere from 6 months to 2 years left.

What I want to know is as employees we all saw this coming, but time and time again we were told it wasn't true. Not only by our own manager, who found out about the decision yesterday but by the upper management who have been running things from Florida since Dec. Why were we lied to? Why did Amrep not tell it's Kable employees that when they, our parent company bought Palm Coast Data in 2007 they would eventually close all operations and move everything to Florida? Why the deceit?

Now it is all over the news and the internet:

Palm Coast Data Eyes Consolidation Reports: Kable's fulfillment operations could move to new Florida Location.

And more here.

But the on that hurts the most:

Kable News relocation to cost Mount Morris hundreds of jobs.... (including mine)

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Mt Morris closing, I wish I didn't know what you are feeling but sad enough, I do.
You see, I am one of the 350+ in Ohio that lost their jobs to this same heartless company.
We saw the writing on the wall when the severence packages were scaled back to almost nothing. I had hoped that IL and CO could make it but we knew it was a matter of time sorry to say.
As for why the Company didn't let us know, all I can say is Kable has a way of doing things that do not leave a doubt about how they feel about thier workers.
I had made quite a few friends in both IL and CO and feel bad for all of you. Stay positive and you will survive.