Monday, July 28, 2008

Job Security, is it a thing of the past?

Is anyone's job safe? I mean other than the law enforcement field, is there any job that is not going to be outsourced?

In December the Customer Service Manager for my company (my boss, basically) lost his job to someone in Florida. The manager would travel up to Illinois once a month until they decided it would be cheaper to promote one of our current supervisors to the position.

Now last Wednesday we were informed that our Email team would not have a job on Monday. They could either take a sevrens package or go to the phones. Neither one is a good choice. Now the Email did effect me. For the last 7 months if things slowed down, or if the email team needed help I would be pulled off the phone to answer emails. This is much less stressful as you do not have the customer yelling in your ear and calling you all sorts of nasty names. Not only am I now chained to my phone, I will loose one factor when it comes to evaluation for raises.

So today I go into work all ready to spend the day on the phone and 2 hours into my shift I am told We still have emails that need cleaned out. They came in after business closed Friday and the transfer to the mailboxes today. While I am furiously typing away answering questions, or deleting spam one of our human resources people along with our manager start packing up 2 of our supervisor's desks.

So with no warning two supervisors were let go. The explanation we are given is Here in Il our supervisors have teams of 10 to 15 people they oversee, in Fl they each have 20 plus, it is more cost effective to fire these supervisors, we were management heavy.

Ok, reality check, why are you getting rid of supervisors when whenever we need help with something, we can never find one because they are busy doing or helping someone or something else? And another thing, If schools are trying for smaller classroom sizes so that each teacher can spend more time with each student, wouldn't the same hold true in an employment situation?

Well, This is just one more burden added to the load that is driving me to seek employment else where. I mean, if they can come in one day and fire our management with no warning, what is to say the same thing won't happen to the rest of us when they decide to move everything to Florida (which supposedly isn't going to happen)?

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Jenny said...

You are soo hire-able and you deserve something better.