Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This has been one crazy year. In Sept I met a small group of very strong women and I decided to join them. My attempt to skate ended up looking like this:

At first the doctors thought I had broke my elbow, but once someone who knew what they were doing looked at the x-rays they found that I had badly bruised it. I was then off skates for all of Sept and Oct. In Nov I started all over again. I worked my rear off. I skated hard and made it to as many practices as I could. I drove through blizzards to get to the community center to find out practice had been canceled. I would drive over 50 miles one way just so I could get better. My life revolved around this game. I was rewarded in May, I got to skate in my first bout. I was awarded again in June, I was in the starting lineup and skated a good majority of our bout against the North Star girls. But all my hard work was rewarded once more by my team mates this month. I was presented with the Most Improved Skater of the Year Award!

I just want to say Thank you for believing in me!


Jenny said...

I knew you could!

Also, I miss you.

Jane said...