Sunday, November 23, 2008

Smarter than we think.

Well, the first weekend of shotgun season has come and gone. My freezer is still empty. All during archery season we would see plenty of deer making their way across our paths, unfortunately they would not stop in a position that gave us a clear shot for a bow. Now if it had been shotgun season we would have been able to fill our freezer at least 3 times. But of course that didn't happen. This weekend Jake took his shotgun out and sat in the tree stand all weekend. He saw a few and had a shot at them, but alas they were not on the correct side of the property line. We have had a problem in the past with the neighbor and wondering if the animals he shot and tracked were on his property when he shot them (his tree stands all sit either on the property line or are within feet of it). We have never been able to prove anything, but we also do not want to be accused of shooting off property. We have 2 weeks of archery season again before 2nd shotgun season opens. Then we have about a month or month and a half before CWD (Chronic Wasting Diesase) season, where anyone with a license can purchase a tag with out going into the lottery. I did not put in this year for shotgun season, but will probably buy a CWD tag in January. Wish us luck!

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