Sunday, November 9, 2008

DD Mechanic?

Well, unfortunately another weekend has come and gone. Why do they always go by so fast? I feel as if I have gotten nothing accomplished. Friday night was very pleasant... wait a minute, lets back this up one day. Thursday was a crappy day at work, as most days are lately. But I was happy when 5:00 rolled around and I was headed to Derby practice. Because this was the first Thursday of the month we had our monthly league meeting after an hour of practice, which we spent checking the skaters present for our minimum skills tests. Just as the meeting was ending my phone started vibrating, because we were in the meeting I ignored it. After words I listened to my voice mail and found out Jake was heading to the emergency room from training. Thanks Racy Tracy for driving Bombadee home for me!

Redneck and I headed off to the emergency room to keep Jake company while he waited to have his little finger put back in the right place. About a year ago he dislocated the first bone of his little finger, it was basically sitting on top of the second bone. Well it happened again, and of course even though everyone tried no one at work could get it to pop back into place.

so Jake has been home all weekend instead of working due to the pain meds the doctor put him on.

Friday was nice after work, went to a friends house to play games, Redneck Life, which I lost miserably, and a card game called Flux. That was interesting and very fast paced.

Saturday I did a few loads of laundry before heading to Milwaukee for a double header roller derby bout hosted by the BrewCity Bruisers. It was great, I met up with Bombadee and Powerhouse and drove up. The games were close in the first halves but during the second halves the point spreads grew. So the Shevil Kanevils lost to the Crazy Eights and the Maiden Milwaukees lost to the Russian Rollettes. No matter what the score board said, fun was had by all.

When we got back to the stateline and I dropped Powerhouse off at her car my brakes started grinding, wonderful, I thought the rest of the way home. Now I need to fix my breaks, and Jacob has a finger in a splint, which means I'm going to have to do it.

Changing out my break pads turned out to be easier than I thought. Jake did the first one while I watched. Cursing every time his splint bumped into something luckily it was his left hand not his right. Then I did the second one. I can honestly say that I didn't have to use as much muscle as I thought I would and now my car stops without grinding.

Oh, and it won't be much longer until I'm an aunt. My little brother and his wife are expecting a little bundle of joy by the end of the month. They posted a few 3-d ultra sounds of the little "Peanut" as they are calling the child, they chose not to know if it will be a boy or girl until delivery. Check out my Denise or Denephew (lol, little redneck joke, I have no clue what the real name will be.)

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Jenny said...

Wow, you did your own brakes! That rocks.