Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Why exactly do we pay insurance again?

Honestly, why do we pay for insurance? I know it is required by law in case you have an accident. Every month I fork out over a hundred and fifty dollars for full coverage on two vehicles not including our motorcycle. This past winter was hard on my car. The impossible to dodge pot holes have ruined my suspension.(there is no preventative measures that can be taken against pot holes)
Then to top matters of I was attacked by a deer last week. I had almost come to a complete stop as the animal ran right in front of me, striking the hood of my car leaving 2 dents, one the size of a dinner plate and one the size of a baseball.

So I call up my insurance company to see if we can claim the suspension and the dented hood at one time, it would seem logical and cost effective to handle everything at once. But no...I need two claim numbers and two appointments to inspect the same car. (What? why can't they inspect the car for the two problems at the same time?) and the only times they have available to inspect the car are at 1:40 and 2:20 on Friday. Poor Jacob will have to get up early after working a twelve hour shift so he can take my car to be inspected....twice. I already know I will not be able to take the time off work to take the car in. Then to add a little more frustration to my dilemma, not only will we have to have two claim numbers, two inspections, we will probably end up paying two deductibles, and there is still a chance that the inspector will decide my suspension was not caused by the pot holes but simple wear and tear. Uh...hello, my car wasn't making these awful noises every time you hit a bump before the winter of the pot holes.

Well, that is my rant for today, no point to it, just venting, like I said at the top of the page, no one has ever accused me of making sense.


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Bureaucracy bites