Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why Deer Camp Tails?

I know it is very confusing. Why did you name your blog Deer Camp Tails? you haven't said a thing about hunting. Well, it is a part of me, plus I thought the play on words was cute, you know....Tales and Tails.

Although I truly have never been to a real deer camp, I have hunted deer. But my hunting experiences started a long time ago. The first time I went hunting was with my father in Iowa. My little brother and I got to go with him on a squirrel hunt. Needless to say we didn't bring home anything for supper. We were very young I was somewhere between 3rd and 5th grade. I remember getting up early and riding with dad to a farm in the middle of nowhere. Dad had a thermos of coffee and one of hot chocolate for Me and James. We spent all day walking through the woods looking for squirrels. We didn't see any. We did how ever get to shoot dad's shotgun. It was one of those rare days that even 20 years later you remember.

The next time I went hunting it was my Idea. My husband and I went Dove hunting in Arizona. Labor Day Monday is the first day of Dove season in Yuma County. It is such a big deal that Hunters from California drive into town. High-school kids ditch class with their fathers. One local gun shop has an annual 'Big Breast' contest. (Dove breast goofballs)

Basically you load up with shotgun shells and meet a group of buddies out in the middle of nowhere, close to a field, preferably one with trees and water near by. Then you wait for the birds to start to fly.

Dove are small, but very tasty. It takes a good sized catch to make a meal. They are really easy to clean so it makes it worth it.


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