Thursday, April 30, 2009

HELLO...Hello...hello... o hell (random rant)

I am sorry if it seems as if I have fallen off the face of the earth lately, but sometimes I just feel like a huge hole has opened up at my feet. No I did not jump into it, I was pushed. And the worst part is a lot of people around me are being pushed or have proceeded me into this seemingly bottomless pit.

I envy those of you who have thus far only witnessed this recent rash of job losses from a distance. At first I was one of you. I had 2 friends who lost their jobs over a year ago and still haven't been able to find new ones. Then Chrysler started cutting shifts and laying off people, 2 more friends and their husbands went under the ax. Then it was my turn. But I didn't lose my job to a foreign land, I didn't lose my job because my company was loosing money, I lost my job because my company was greedy. They basically wanted to start over where they could pay new people 5 to 8 dollars less than the employees they were paying up here. (You know those annual nickel raises add up over the years.)

Then with in the last three weeks three more of my friends have been blindfolded and pushed over the edge. One friend was graciously given 3 days notice.

My question for the people in charge is, Who is actually going to do the work for you once you have gotten rid of all your employees? Do you honestly think you are safe? With your six figure income, how warm and dry are you in your house on the hill?


Jane said...

Well, as somebody whose family business has had to cut over 75% of the staff in the last few weeks, I can answer some of those questions.

We are not warm or dry, because we've been working for over a year without a paycheck (100% for free, yes) to try to retain as many employees as we can. And as of this morning, we have no health insurance, but the remaining employees still do.

I know it's different from situation to situation, but having just gotten into a screaming match with an employee who expressed very similar sentiments to your last paragraph, I hope you understand that there are a lot of "people in charge" out there who are taking the cuts personally too. Many of us are going broke trying to keep others afloat for as long as possible. Getting attitude about it just makes it impossible to ever hire those people back again when things do pick up.

DD Hunter said...

I am sorry for the broad generalization.

I do understand that there are many small business that are being affected. I do understand that there are many employers who are taking the hits and cutbacks before passing the hard times on, But unfortunately it is a case of a few rotten apples spoil the bunch.