Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Birthday

Well, this past Thursday was Jacob's birthday, I won't go into numbers but he is a year older now. After our league meeting for the Divas a few of us went out to try and push posters and tickets at local bars. The first bar we went into was dead. I think there were maybe 8 people in it. So we talked to a few of the people, handed out a few fliers and made sure our poster was displayed. No one in our party had eaten since early afternoon, so we called up our usual place for Thursday night after practice cool down. Luckily they still had their fryer on and we were able to head over for food. When we got there and told Abby that it was Jake's birthday she checked his i.d. and then he drank tap beer for free all night and got to keep the huge glass mug.

We stayed there till about 11:30ish before we headed out. We decided to hit our old home location, now under new management and put up posters. That was fun, they had Karaoke and we sang our little hearts out. There was really no one else at the place so no one saw our debacle. All I will say is DD stands for many things.

Friday we spent the evening with friends playing board games, This had become a regular Friday night event a few months ago, but do to holidays, derby, elections, and work we haven't been able to play as often. Well our hosts for the evening have a 5 year old girl, who upon hearing it was Jake's birthday set off to make party hats for everyone. Jake was the first to get his hat, before she got distracted and forgot about everyone else.

Happy Birthday, Jake.

And yes that is his normal facial expression when there is a camera pointed at him.


Jenny said...

Best Party Hate EVER!

DD Hunter said...

"Best Party Hate EVER!"

She means *HAT*