Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Week one

Well, this is Wednesday of my first week of unemployment. All I can say is I really hope I get a job soon. I find I can not stay awake past ten or eleven at night and I am up by nine in the morning. This is very unlike me as I am used to getting to bed after midnight because of my work and practice schedules. Of course I was always up by 8:45 in the morning anyway, so the waking up part is not really a change.

Jacob's birthday is tomorrow, and seeing as how this was his short week at work he took Wed and Thurs off. What this means is that he got off work at 6 am Monday morning and does not have to be to work until 6 pm the following Monday night. So not only do I have a week of constant job hunting and pre-bout frenzy to cope with, add in a husband with pretty much nothing to do.

On the job hunting side things are kind of at a stand still. I am putting in applications everyday through the internet. I have updated my resume on Monster as well as with one of the local hospitals. On the Illinois skills match website (the site all unemployed persons must register with) I continue to match with no jobs.

The only bright side is that I interviewed on March 10th with a company (that found me on Monster) for a security position, another co-worker also interviewed with the same company about a week and a half after I did. Shortly after her interview she received a 'thanks, but no thanks' letter. I have not received any letter, I called the company and received the answer that they are still interviewing for the up coming class and that I will be notified when an decision has been made. So that means I am still int he running. Please keep your fingers crossed for me as this job will help to get rid of a great deal of worries that I currently carry.

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Yvonne said...

Hang in there Kiddo... love ya.