Saturday, April 11, 2009

The life of a contusion

One badge of honor most derby girls look forward to is their first real bruise. Oh, sure we get little ones here and there, but for me if it didn't show up well on camera it really didn't count. So today I would like to share with you my first note worthy derby bruise. (Almost breaking my elbow in Sept 2007 doesn't count because I did that with only the help of gravity)

Thursday 4/9/09 we had a pretty good practice. We did a few drills before spending most of the evening scrimmaging. I was jamming against Redneck I had made lead jammer and Red was still stuck in the pack. I remember coming around to re-enter the pack for my first scoring pass, we were just about to the jammer start line when someone hit me, sending me into the inside of the track, causing me to fall. Now normally I would have called the jam off right then, but Red had not made it through yet so I had plenty of time to try and score. I jumped up and finished the jam. I didn't feel anything but the usual twinge in my knee. Later, after practice I told a few of my team mates my right thigh really hurt, and was tender. When we got home I was rewarded with discoloration, but it didn't show up well on camera.

This is a picture from Friday morning, less than 15 hours after the knock down.

By Friday evening the color was really starting to show. This next picture was bout 24 hours. In both of these two pictures I used an ink pen to give you something to compare the size.

Here is the most recent Picture which I think really brings out the color, but we haven't yet started to go green.
As the bruise starts to heal I will document the life and we will see just how long it takes for it to disappear from camera view.

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