Friday, May 8, 2009

I am impressed

I would like to congratulate the people at pledge. Very rarely am I impressed with a product from t.v. Sometimes I see the commercial then buy the item and it does the job half as well as the advertisement.

For anyone who has pets that shed I highly recommend Fabric Sweeper (if you click on Fabric Sweeper, you can print off a $2.00 coupon). I saw it at the store and decided $5.00 was not so bad to give it a try. My only disappointment is that it instructs the buyer to throw it away when it is full. The company asks that you do not try to empty the fur. Well that is easily worked around. You can empty the fur out buy using a crochet hook, or even an ink pen, something small enough to get between the rollers and pull the fur out.

Let me tell you the fabric sweeper worked so well, the husband is the only one who has used it. He has cleaned off our couch, love seat, and bedspread. So far the only thing we have not been able to use it on is our wool blankets from Mexico, the sweeper grabs them.

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