Saturday, May 23, 2009

Long week ahead

This is going to be a nice long week. Jake is getting off work tonight, 6 hours early so we can leave for Ft Wayne tomorrow morning. (this way he gets some sleep)

I am going to see my parents, and reassure them that I am fine. We are also going to be seeing my grandparents and extended family. Even though times are tough, I really need to get out of town for a while.

I will be coming back home in time for my league's expo bout on the 30th. We have invited individual skaters from all over our area to come down and skate. We threw everyone's name into a bag and pulled out 2 teams. Unfortunately I won't be skating, but Jake and I will be line coaching. So Scream Queens, go easy on me, it's my first time coaching from the bench.

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