Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Still here

Just in case you were wondering, no I haven't disappeared. This week has just been real busy and by the time I get on the computer, I am too tired and completely unmotivated to write anything.

Sunday the Divas had our recruitment party. I think it was a hit. We had quiet a few interested ladies. A few filled out the welcome packets and turned them in right there, others took them home to sleep on it.

Monday was a long day at work. The regular receptionist wasn't feeling well so she went home early and I covered for her in the afternoon. At 5 it was back to the customer service floor where time always drags on.

Tuesday was one of my short days at work, followed by the first practice of the 2008/2009 roller derby season. We are going back to basics and even now, after 24 hours I still hurt. The squats we did didn't hurt as much as the lunges. We lunged the length of the rink and back. The best part about practice other than being back on skates is that we had 4 girls from out recruitment party attend practice and 2 of them were on skates, yay!

Today was another long day at work, but it was shortened by a quick training session. I was trained in a computer system that very few reps are trained in. After the training I spent the rest of the shift off the phones working on prints that the newer reps didn't know or did not have access to process.

Tomorrow is Thursday, 6 hour shift then it is off to Rockford to participate in the Light the Night Cancer walk. So even though I won't be on skates, I will be getting exercise. Then home for a quick nap and I am planning on being out the door by 3 am so I can spend most of the day with my grandmother in Ft. Wayne on Friday.

Saturday is going to be roller derby all day, the first bout will start around 8:30 am and the after bout party is scheduled to start at 10:00 pm. I don't plan on going to the party, but I plan on being there to see who wins the tournament.

Sunday I am planning on spending with my other grandparents to leave by 5:00 pm Indiana time and hopefully I will be home by 11:00 pm my time. so a busy week leads into a busy weekend only to head right back to work Monday morning.

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