Saturday, September 13, 2008

Attack of the killer dust bunnies.

About a month or so ago my RPG group had a character contest. The character we created had to be a very manly type of character with one major flaw. He had to have a very strange phobia. I created my character with the fear of dust bunnies. His fear is so great the if he even sees a stirring of dust that could form into said creature her would start to hyperventilate until he had prevented the bunny from forming.

Last night while over at a friend's house we were playing a game and talking about random things. I really don't even know how we got into the conversation. It started out talking about fiddler crabs and fish tanks. I used to have a male and female fiddler crab in my tank and knew from experience that they are little escape artists. We had to tape up the hole in the back of the tank where the air hose entered to keep them contained.

Well one of the players at the table had had the same experience only with crawdads. He had a crawdad in a fish tank that had escaped. They didn't notice the missing creature until his roommate came across a rather large dust bunny with claws.

I'm just glad crawdads don't exist in the same world as my character...though then again, I just might be able to find an alternative creature to substitute....Bwahahaha.

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