Sunday, June 22, 2008

She got me thinking.

Every week my friends and I make a trip north to practice. As we carpool we talk about everything and nothing. We speak of our families, friends, and people who have hurt us. Occasionally we speak of silly things, the things that helped to make us who we are. Our taste in movies, books, and music. The other night on our way to practice I was asked what my theme song was. What is that one song you hear in your head when you need to feel confidant? Or just the one song you hear when you need to laugh?

Well, it really got me to thinking. I have been thinking and listening to all my favorite songs. I am a big Country music fan, but none of the songs I hear really fit me and my life. I am also a demented person. I enjoy Dr. Demento. I have quite a few songs from his 20th anniversary collection that come close, but alas even though many of the songs make me laugh and can brighten my day, still they do not fit.

At his point, I can say the only song so far that comes the closest is Monty Python's 'Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life.' from the movie, "Life Of Brian."

So, here is my question to you. I think I have 3 maybe 4 readers...what is your current theme song? Keep in mind, your choice today, will have no lasting effects and you can always change your mind. Now...Off I go to watch more Monty.


Nicole Thompson said...

well..was i part of the 3 or 4 readers you were counting? :)
i have always had a theme song, it just changed every few years or so.
when i was 22 and left ohio to go out on my own to arizona theme song was "wide open spaces" by the Dixie Chicks.
then around 24 i decided i better find a man and settle my theme song was "cowboy take me away" (yeah, so i was a huge dixie chick's fan...sorry). but then i got irritated w/ all the stupid men i was meeting so around 26 the theme song became "hole in my head" i believe the lyric that caught my attention the most was "i need a man like a need a hole in my head" ha ha. but then at 27 i met james, fell in love, got married and in a few months i will be a mom. and so now i have to think of a new theme song. in a year, i may only know the songs from sesame street and veggie tales! ha ha

Mike Lyons said...

Oddly enough, the first thing that came to mind was "My whole family..." by Bo Burnham (he's a YouTube celebrity). "My whole family thinks I'm gay ... maybe it's the way I walk that makes them think that I like (pause)boys." Disturbing.

No, seriously, do you remember "Da Da Da (I Don't Love You You Don't Love Me)" by Trio?

I also have a theme prayer. It's from "Forest Gump" when Forest and Jenny are kids and they are hiding in the corn field and Jenny prays "Dear God, please make me a bird so I can fly far, far away from here" repeatedly. I use that all the time. (God answers prayer; He said 'no.')