Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fun, Sun, and Friends.

Happy Father's Day weekend. We have finally had a nice pair of days. Saturday was beautiful, we went to Jake's annual shift picnic. Now usually we have this party at a public park close to the Rock River. Two or three years ago the usual pavilion was flooded so we were moved. This year, all of the shelters were flooded. Thanks to Sgt Hernandez for opening up her back yard for us. The party was great. Lots of sun and fun. The kids had a wonderful time beating a candy filled pinata in the shape of Dash from The Incredibles. Even some of the large kids got involved, I got some fruit roll ups ^_^

Then it was off to derby practice for me while the hubby stayed and partied. I had a blast as always at practice. Al is such an awesome guy. My only bummer of the day was when I went into the wall. One of my wheels went into my shin. it was swelling and bruising right away so I iced it and sat out the last 20 or so minutes of practice. The good part of me sitting out is my shin is now super sensitive, but the bruising is minimal.

After practice it was back to the party, where I had a few drinks, got bitten by a friend. (Yea, that's where all my blood went to form a bruise. Thanks Mike! ) Tried to light a fire with wet wood, wasted a lot of lighter fluid though. Then it was time to make the trek home. Then to bed and set the alarm for Sunday.

Sunday was nice and restful. we had a thunderstorm that took a tree down by the in-laws. They have been without power since 5:30 am. It is a good thing they had decided to buy a generator this spring. Since they made that purchase they have had to use it twice. Once for 3 hours and today when we left they were going on the 12 hour mark.

Once home we lounged about then took a quick jaunt through the countryside on the bike. Now it is time to check my eye lids for holes.

Good Night everyone.


Jane said...

We've lost a lot of big tree limbs in the last couple of weeks too, but luckily our power has been pretty reliable. We are shopping for a whole-house automatic generator anyway.

DD Hunter said...

We have actually been real lucky at our home, We trimmed a lot of dead branches off in the fall and I think that is what has saved us some headaches. Our neighbor lost half a tree a few weeks ago and it is still sitting right next to her house waiting for the insurance to come by and check it out.

Anonymous said...

You didn't tell me about your party! I'm glad the weather didn't spoil it. Love you... m