Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 22 2011

Well, spring break is over, I have been to most of my classes again. My first class, first aid and cpr was canceled on Monday. I had mixed feelings about that, one I was happy because I hurt my knee in my roller derby bout on Saturday and I am using crutches to walk since I walk so far at school, but two, I was upset cause I could have slept in later, but oh well, such is life.

What I have learned so far this week:
I passed my phlebotomy mid-term with flying colors, we will not need to draw blood in front of our instructor for the final, and this semester is my instructors last semester teaching.

In Microbiology....well, I got a higher score on my mid-term exam than the first exam. The section I thought I did better on, I didn't. I did however get a much better score on my short answer and essay questions so I am pretty happy about that. I learned that I need to find a better way than flash cards to memorize the 20 microbes assigned to us at the beginning of class.

In Nutrition, we didn't get our scores back yet for the mid-term because our instructor was out of town for medical reasons and she still had a few students who needed to take the test. In class we learned all about antioxidants, and how they work.

I also learned that the committee that reviews the applications for the respiratory program has not even met or started the process yet. When I called last month I was told to expect my letter around the end of March, now we are being told to expect them around the second week of April. This is very frustrating. I know I do not have to take any classes this summer, I will have all my pre-requirements done at the end of this semester, but I would like to know what I am going to be doing in the fall.

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