Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 14th 2011

My adventures in expanding my horizons.

Before we left Yuma I had flirted with the idea of taking an EMT course. Shortly after we moved to small town Illinois I went to the local community college and asked about their EMT course, cause in Arizona that's where the EMTs went, to AWC. I was told that they did not offer the course at the college and to approach my local fire department. I went down-village (cause I don't live in a town) and knocked on the fire house door. I must have come at a time when there were only firefighters there because no one there could answer my question about how to become an EMT.

Now it has been a few years and I had kind of given up on the idea and focused on becoming a respiratory therapist. Then I met an amazing woman who very quickly became an amazing friend. She introduced me to her fellow EMTs, she invited me to come along to a training meeting. On March 14th I filled out my application to become a member of the Local Fire Protection Service. If accepted I will be starting out as a driver and running calls. I won't actually work on the patient, but act as the gofer for the EMTs fetching items and helping where I can. Hopefully in the near future a class will be held and I will start the learning process to become a licensed EMT.

Thank you Goldie Rocks, for rocking my world into a direction I have been trying to find for a while.

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