Monday, August 2, 2010

So where are they now...

Hello friends and family,
I have just finished my second semester of school. My first semester I did really well. I was a few credits shy of being full time and I had an A in 2 classes and a B in the third.

This semester I had 3 classes, and was a full time student. I liked my Chem class, but did lousy on the tests. Luckily the homework and lab work made up for that and I came out of the class with a B. I had an A in another class and unfortunately I had a really hard time in my Algebra II class. The teacher expected us to know everything he taught already. During one class he used an equation from geometry and I asked him, "How were we supposed to know this if we have never taken geometry?" His answer, "Well, I guess you are outta luck then." yeah, hated this class. I luckily passed with a C so I don't have to re-take it, but it brought my average down. To get into my Respiratory program I need to have a high average in order to compete for the open seats.

I am already registered for a full course load for the Fall. I have 3 weeks before classes start on the 23rd of Aug. It is going to be a heavy load, but hopefully I can do it. I am interested in the classes so that should make it easier.

The way I dealt with frustration last year became the source of frustration this year. I left my roller derby team this past June. I have now been off skates for over 2 months and I hate it. I thought that the reason I left the team had been taken care of, unfortunately, it wasn't. Shortly after I left the team I was approached by several friends from other leagues, one even joked about when were we going to move so we could join them.

After weeks of beating myself up for even thinking about what I considered a traitorous act I made a decision. I realized that what I had been considering my team no longer was my team. Sure I had friends and girls I considered family on the league, but they were and are no longer a team. So, I am going to be stepping up my game, even though I really don't care about the competitiveness of the sport, I still want to play. I am going to be attending practices and skating with the closest WFTDA league.

More to come in the near future, I promise, the next post won't be too far behind. I said it before I have plans in the works, multiple plans, this is only one...stay tuned for the fruits of my labors.

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