Monday, August 3, 2009

Where has all the time gone?

Remember as a kid time took forever? School stretched on and seemed to never end, then one day it was suddenly summer. Summer was always fun, though it did get boring and you couldn't wait for school to start again?

Well this year has flown by so quickly. It is hard to believe that eight months ago I was given notice of my pending job termination, then in March I was given a two week notice. Well, I have now been unemployed for 4 months. It has gone by so fast, yet so slow. All the job possibilities that were passed on to me I did not get. ( I have a suspicion it is because of the numerous doctor appointments and physical therapy sessions I am currently going through.)

I had a life altering motorcycle accident, then twenty days later Jake ruptured his ACL. So since May we have been in each others company pretty much non-stop. Now I am currently getting 9 hours a week away from home, my former employer has called a few people back to deal with a busy mail season, with the promise of termination in three to four months. I just hope something better comes along soon. All this togetherness is starting to wear thin on both of our tempers.

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