Monday, July 2, 2012

Purely Pampering Myself With Samples.

       Wow, I can't even count the number of days it has been since my last post. My life has been such chaos since then. I was accepted to the Respiratory program last fall. I am scheduled to graduate in May. My health has been improving. My derby career is currently on hold, I am a part time ref due to my school schedule and the fact that I need to work to pay bills.
I really have too much to write about, but what I really want to say can not be conveyed over the internet. I am better than that.

     So the real reason I am breaking my internet silence is for a friend. She is a Perfectly Posh independent sales rep. She has sent me a few samples to try and to write my honest opinion about. I am not getting paid and the samples I received are very small. Just enough for one use.

     This morning I tried one of the soaps, they call it Chunk. I used Chatter Citrus. According to the catalog These soaps are made from palm kernel oil and nourishing butters to please your senses and clean your skin.

     Again, I want to say that the size of the sample I got to try was small, about an inch square. It took a while for the fragrance to become apparent, it was very mild, which was a disappointment, because I really like citrus scents. Once the fragrance did become apparent it was very pleasing. I would like to try a larger bar, maybe the scent will be stronger, enough so that it will stay on my skin.

I will be updating this blog as I try each of the samples I have been given. I think tomorrow I will try the Maha Satori Gelee body wash. I am an asthmatic and very sensitive to smells and my friend has told me that I should have no problem. I know I am looking forward to trying this and her other samples. She sent me citrus and spice scents, which I prefer to floral. 

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