Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Where's the towel?

I am ready to throw it in. I feel as if I am running myself ragged. I am going to school, I start my 3rd class after spring break and haven't really taken the time to properly study for the 2 I am in now. Luckily you can not tell this by my grades.

Now what used to be my outlet is becoming my bane. I still love the sport and will always be apart of it, but I am tired of the people who always need to be in the spotlight throwing their insecurities at me, and making me doubt myself. News flash people, I do not care anymore.


Yvonne said...

In the words of the famous Tim Gunn, "Make it work" Sara. It will be so worth it.

James, Nicole, Lyndi & Blueberry said...

stick with school sara....if it were easy everyone would have a degree. school isn't for the weak or easily distracted. it's hard work, dedication and lots of time! i know you can do it...stay focused and ignore the things that aren't there to help you.
and always remember, the person that is trying to make you feal insecure are the ones that are themselves insecure and are attempting to bring you down to their level. they are jealous...don't let them get you down. stay your mom says, it will be so worth it! school is a small blimp in life compared to the life long career you can have from getting your degree!

Anonymous said...

*hugs* I miss you, life is too hectic with me in school to have derby too. Tho I do try to remember Sundays if I don't have homework I can go to practice and attempt to pay off my dues that I racked up

DD Hunter said...

Thank you everyone for the support. School isn't the problem, I am actually having fun. The problem is where I used to have fun has started to transform again into not so fun.