Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Facebook works

When facebook is working, it works well. I was browsing through it yesterday. If you added your high school information, you can click on it and search through your class mates.

Well I was bored yesterday before Jake went to work I was searching through my high school and found an old friend. We sat next to each other on graduation night. And now we live close enough to meet up. So this Saturday we are going to meet in Huntley and catch up on the last 15 years. When I find my grad pic I will post it here along with an updated one.


alexandra Kinias said...

Face Book is great in bringing friends together. I have found friends from high school that i haven't seen or heard from in almost 20 years. How was it meeting Huntly?

DD Hunter said...

My trip to Huntley was fun, I'm just a little upset that I didn't remember half the stuff my friend did. It turns our we still have a lot in common, and plan to get together in the future to go archery shooting with our families.